PADM 271 : Comparative Administration and Policy Study Abroad

Meeting Information:

5th Meeting - *NEXT MEETING* - 10/28/99 (Thursday) at 5pm in Aliber Hall

4th Meeting Notes - 10/13/99

3rd Meeting Notes - 9/29/99

2nd Meeting Notes - 9/16/99

1st Meeting Notes - Planning Meeting & Course Annoucement

All meetings are very important, please make plans to attend.



Links and Dates of Interest:

Vienna, Austria - 3/11/2000 - 3/13

Prague, Czech Republic - 3/14 - 16

Tour through Black Forest, Germany - 3/17 - 18

Geneva, Switzerland - 3/19 - 21

Rome, Italy - 3/22 - 26

General Europe links: Europe

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Travel Center Contact Information:

local: 287-3170

toll-free: 800-383-4444

email:Lou, Judy, and Matt Boehnke

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Course Information:  Dr. Ken Meyer

Travel: Lou, Judy, and Matt Boehnke

Website Changes:  Jim Baker