(Current Issue) October 2013, Volume 3, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Table of Contents, October 2013 Issue
Business Culture in China: Lessons Learned from a U.S. Based Non-Profit
(T. Wachner)
Research Articles
Uncertainty Avoidance and Consumer Perceptions of Global e-Commerce Sites: A Multi-Level Model
(E. Karahanna, C. K. Williams, G. L. Polites, B. Liu and L. Seligman)
Perceptions of Truthfulness and Communication Anxiety in Online Employment Interviews
(A. Weisheimer and G. Giordano)
Student Research Reports on Corporate Governance and Sustainability
Introduction to the Special Section: Student Research Papers on Corporate Governance and Sustainability
(G. Atinc)
Australia and the United States: A Comparison and Contrast of Corporate Governance Practices
(N. Hodne, S. Murphy, M. Ottenbacher and T. Ruggles)
Corporate Governance Comparison and Analysis: Brazil
(C. Eddis, M. Grau, J. Miller, M. Moklestad and J. Oskvig)
Corporate Governance Practices in Germany and the United States
(A. Rinehart, K. MacFerrin, A. Stevens, R. Duffield and N. Patel)
An Examination of Corporate Governance Practices in Japan
(C. Birkel, C. Cave, K. Klaver, K. Mathew and S. Sharif)

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